360 Degrees Tennis : Kids Tennis Academy
5 - 11 year olds
Dolphin Square, Embankment (River side),
135 Grosvenor Road, SW1V 3JY
Directions, 10 minute walk from Sloane Square
or 360 Bus from Sloane Square to Pimlico Library. Then turn down Claverton Street. At end cross pedestrian crossing and court is on RHS next to Shell Garage.
Break at 12pm for lunch.
No drinks or food will be provided at any of the courses and children will need to bring their own.


We believe it would be too much to introduce a child to all the elements of the tennis game in just one week. So our focus is on introducing the forehand, backhand and serve and, if time permits, elements of the volley.

We will not sacrifice a child's safety and learning by oversubscribing the courses, like many do! Eight is the maximum we accept per week and we will endeavour that children will learn with similar aged children (boys/girls).

Kids Tennis Academy

Our Tennis Academy's week-long courses are predominantly to introduce children to tennis in a fun, safe and friendly environment. The course includes fitness/tennis related activities for children of all abilities, as well as teaching of conventional strokes - forehand, backhand, serve etc


£40.00 per day or £140.00 per week
(or equivalent to £9.33 per hour).

Time 10am - 1pm.

Please note daily, only allowed on Mon, Tues or Weds.

All fees are non refundable, although in the event of severe weather conditions and 360 cancelling, a credit will be given for the next available course.



Mon 20 Oct - Fri 24 Oct  O1401

Mon 27 Oct - Fri 31 Oct  O1402

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